Making the Most of Your Custody Time

When you only get to keep your child for a short period of time out of the month— it can be tough to make the most of that time. You’ve been missing those sweet babies, and you probably just want to sit and stare at their sweet little faces. If you do? Go for it. But, they might get a bit bored. Making the most of custody time doesn’t have to be an intricate process where you squeeze out every little drop. It’s about being present, enjoying the moment, and making the time fun and memorable for you both.

Making the Most of Your Custody Time: Having Fun With Your Kids, While Avoiding the ‘Disneyland sentiment’
Anticipate that they’re coming and schedule around it

Life happens, and your work schedule might fall on those days. But, if you know this— make an effort with your former spouse to choose your custody time accordingly. Not everyone has an awesome boss, but if you do— see if you can work around the time you have your kid. Maybe you have to pull a few long days to get that week or weekend off. But, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did when those few days roll around and you have all the time in the world with your little munchkin.

Make a fun plan based around their interests

It doesn’t have to cost money! Maybe they love to play laser tag, so you spend one Saturday turning your house into a Nerf war arena. Or maybe they’re big on plays and Broadway— rent one of the (kid-friendly) classics and teach them a thing or two. No matter what it is, you can show that you’re engaging in their interests and having fun with them too.

Be in the moment AKA: ditch that cell phone

Nowadays, everyone is always nose-deep in their cell phone. But try to ditch it as much as possible when you have your kid(s). If you only get them on odd weekends or weeks, try to b e engaged. Your hilarious Facebook post can wait. Enjoy the time you’ve got. I guarantee you’ll be much more fulfilled by quality time spent than those two hours you let them play video games and you played Candy Crush.

But, Don’t Forget to Honor the Rules

They’ve got a bedtime? Honor it. They aren’t allowed to watch scary movies? Follow through on that. No parent wants that dreaded ‘Disneyland’ status. That begins when you ditch the rules just because you feel bad, or want them to like you more. You’re still their parent, and there are still rules when they’re with you. Honoring the normal routines will remind them that you are still in control, you are still their parent, and while we have fun— it’s not all about the fun.