We’re here for You

At Robert J. Reeves P.C., we know that divorce is a life changing event. You should get some guidance from a Fort Mill family law attorney before asking for a divorce. However, not just any lawyer will work for you. Make sure that you find a lawyer who is on the same page with you regarding your goals. Our attorneys prefer to resolve divorce without unnecessary drama. If that sounds like the type of lawyer you want, call our firm now.

The Process

If you come to us, you will speak with a Fort Mill family law attorney at an initial consultation. During this hour or so, you will tell us about your situation. We will then answer your questions and develop a plan for your case. The fee for this consultation is $300, but we credit it towards your retainer if you hire us.

After all of this, you will feel much better about the future because that’s what we are planning for. Our philosophy is that the endgame is what matters in divorce. So, your Fort Mill family law attorney won’t waste your time and money on unnecessary drama. Instead, your attorney will focus on getting you what you want in the end of all this. That way, you can have a smooth transition to the next chapter of your life.

Your Fort Mill Family Law Attorney

So, if you and your spouse cannot save your marriage, come to us. We can help with all your family law needs. Our guidance and support will prove invaluable as you maneuver through this uncertain and difficult time. Further, to help you avoid more stress, we pride ourselves on using mediation to negotiate a divorce instead of putting you and your loved ones through the experience of a trial.

Contact us today and hire the lawyers who are here for you.

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