Why Do People Cheat?

The age-old question “why do people cheat?” is one that spurned partners everywhere have asked themselves. The answer is often complex and involves a variety of different factors. However, there are a few reasons that come up more frequently than others as a response to why somebody might cheat. One of the most common reasons is boredom and simply falling out of love. Another reason that might cause a partner to cheat is that they are looking to boost their self-confidence. Sometimes cheating isn’t planned and happens with the help of outside factors. And finally, sometimes people cheat because they are feeling neglected by their partners. Whatever the reasons are, cheating can cause a lot of pain in a relationship and can end up costing you your marriage.

Why Do People Cheat? Getting to the Bottom of Infidelity


One of the most common reasons why people cheat is because they simply fall out of love with their partners. Marriage can last a lifetime. It takes work and commitment to keep things interesting and to make a marriage last. Sometimes people cheat because the relationship is boring or because they feel like their partner just isn’t making an effort any longer.

To Boost Self-Confidence

Another reason that people cheat is to boost their self-confidence. Knowing that another person besides their partner also finds them attractive might be enough of an ego boost to make some partners pursue an affair. After being in a marriage for a long time, some people just want to prove to themselves that they’re still sexy to other people besides their spouse.

Outside Factors

Sometimes, outside factors are an excuse for why people cheat. For example, things like drinking, being away from their partner for a long time or having another person hit on them. However, cheating is still a decision that a person has to make themselves. So while these things could be an influence, they certainly aren’t the only cause.


Finally, sometimes people cheat because they are feeling neglected in their relationship. This goes hand in hand with people wanting to boost their self-confidence. If a partner doesn’t feel like they are getting any effort from their spouse, they might be more likely to cheat. This is more common with women than with men.

While there is never a good reason for infidelity, unfortunately, some people still cheat. It can cause serious damage to a marriage. It can hurt your partner’s mental health, create a lack of trust, or end the relationship altogether. So people are often left wondering why people cheat. Often there are many reasons, but one of the most common is simply boredom. People just fall out of love with their partners. Some people feel neglected in their relationships and they cheat because it will make them feel better or boost their self-confidence. And finally, sometimes outside factors like drinking can play a role. Whatever the reasons, cheating can cause a lot of pain. If you have been cheated on, it’s important to get the support you need to decide how you want to handle it.