Combatting Divorce Related Stress through Sports

As you go through a divorce, or face the aftermath of it— it’s important to find ways to combat stress. One great way to combat divorce related stress is through sports. This gives you a chance to rejoin the community, let out some anger, and get your mind off of everything that has been going on. If you think about it, this is actually a perfect way to get back in the swing on things. By getting yourself up and moving, there are plenty of things that you can improve or rediscover at this new stage in your life.

Why to Combat Divorce Related Stress through Sports
Stress Relief

Exercise is an excellent means of releasing stress. Your body is working, your mind is occupied and you’re feeling good. Finding outlets for the stress and anger that you’re feeling is essential. Getting all of those endorphins pumping will be great for your body and mind, no matter if your sport of choice is solitary (like running) or group sports (such as football, soccer, baseball). Although group sports are much better at keeping your mind off of things.

Occupies Your Mind

Sports are a great distractor when you need one. You have an objective to focus on, a goal in mind, and a group of people to do it with. Finding a set of people that you can play sports with is a great means of combatting stress. Not to mention, it is a fantastic means of getting yourself back out there. Make some new friends, find a rec team in your local community— all in all, having that goal to focus on (literally) can help ease those anxieties and help your mind get out of its funk.

Quality of Sleep

Arguably one of the best perks associated with sports is that you’ll find a new quality of sleep once again. One of the most common side effects of divorce related stress is a lack of quality sleep. Most people find themselves tossing and turning, playing events over in their head, and worrying about what’s to come. By getting involved in heavy exercise once again, you’ll find yourself knocking out like a light a little easier than usual.

Improve Your Mood

Lastly, sports can be all outlet for anger, aggression, and pent-up energy. By getting yourself active, especially in a sport that is high-octane (say, boxing or football), you will have an appropriate way to release those energies in an acceptable setting. By getting yourself involved in these, you’ll be able to find a healthy means of combatting your stress.