Leaving Spouse? A How-to for Coping with Love, Lost

When it comes to divorce, it’s quite unlikely that both parties are on the same page in every regard. Whether it be why you’re divorcing, the terms of alimony, child custody, or even getting the divorce itself. It’s not uncommon that, when divorcing, one party doesn’t want to go through with it. Maybe you think you can still work it out, maybe you made a mistake, or maybe there’s just love lost on one side versus the other. No matter the reason, when it comes to a leaving spouse, some struggle more than others. So, we’re here to help you cope…

Leaving Spouse? Coping with Love, Lost

Don’t beg, plead, or make demands

If your spouse comes to you and unexpectedly asks for a divorce, it can be second nature to beg them to stay; plead your case and ask for another chance. However, it’s best to give them that space they were looking for in a time like this. Maybe they’re set in their decision, maybe they’re confused, or maybe they just need space. No matter their reason, taking that time to step back might just give them the perspective they need to realize that this isn’t what they want. And if they don’t? Well, then unfortunately their decision might already be made…

Process Quietly

Instead of begging and pleading right out of the gate, take some time to yourself and consider what they’ve said and their reasoning. Process this crisis and bring a clear mind to the next discussion. While this a very emotional time, getting out of control about your feelings will only worsen the matter. So, draw back that anger, mourning, and try to come up with alternatives. You don’t want a divorce, so see if they’re willing to try and work on alternatives. If they see the marriage as salvageable and so do you, consider reaching out to a family therapist or marriage counselor.

Give them space and don’t reach out

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. When you’re married to someone, you likely spend a lot of time with them. Therefore, it can be easy to start taking certain things for granted. In turn, many spouses find themselves bored of the same old routine and think that divorce is the answer. Only, after weeks or months, they’ll find themselves with a restored appreciation in their family and spouse. Maybe this is what they need. While this likely feels selfish or unfair to you, and it is in a sense, it might just be what your marriage needs.

Start moving forward

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family, is to start healing. While a divorce is difficult, life still marches on. And if you have children, there’s a slew of daily responsibilities and activities you still have to complete. So, mourn, make plans, begin the process, and march on. While it might not seem that way at first, continuing on with your day to day life can make a big difference in helping you heal.

Dealing with a leaving spouse, especially when you didn’t expect it, is painful and tough to overcome. But, nothing good ever came of wallowing in grief. Instead, make plans to get yourself excited. What do you want out of this next stage? How will you make the most of it? The best thing you can do for yourself is start looking forward.