Mistakes Parents Make During Divorce

There’s no perfect how-to guide for parents after divorce. You’ll make mistakes, there will inevitably be tears and headaches— but you’ll be better for it all in the end. But, sometimes you just need a little help, everyone does. So, we’re here to help you decipher the mistakes parents make when going through the proceedings of a divorce. As we said, there will be mistakes— but maybe you can learn a little something from us.

Mistakes Parents Make During Divorce


You feel bad, of course you do. A divorce is a pretty tough thing to put your kids through, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them a bunch of stuff. While you might think it helps to ease the pain, it only makes it more evident. Kids are quite receptive, and providing a momentary distraction from what is at hand will do just that. Divorce is already an expensive endeavor.

Ranting on Social Media

Going off about how terrible your former spouse is on social media as a means of venting and making them look bad can potentially come back and bite you during the proceedings. Anything and everything you do during the proceedings can have an effect on the outcome. Any time you are considering doing something while you’re on track for a divorce, ask yourself— would I want this dissected in front of a judge?

Using Children as Leverage

It is not uncommon that one parent will leave the home as you prepare to divorce. It is also not uncommon that the other parent will act as a gatekeeper towards the children. But the problem with this is that you do not have the right to keep children from their other parent. Barring a dangerous circumstance, both parents still have equal share of their children. Using the children to get what you want from the other parent, or as a means of retaliation— can come back to bite you during custody proceedings.

Not Admitting They Need Help

Going at the process of divorce on your own can be really tough. Every day is a battle, you’re feeling down, and we all need someone to turn to. If you don’t have a close friend you can turn to, seeking professional help isn’t a bad idea. No one should have to face this on their own, and sometimes having a source of sorting through your grief is just the right medicine.