Non-Custodial Parent Denied Visitation: Understanding Your Rights

In the event that you are a non-custodial parent being denied your visitation rights, it’s important to understand that your rights are being violated. Many parents will sit back and bite their tongue, being that rocking the boat would ultimately feel like hurting the child. However, you as a parent, have certain rights that, when denied, can have legal ramifications. But what are they? And what can you do to ensure that you receive the visitation with your child that you deserve.

Non-Custodial Parent Denied Visitation: Understanding Your Rights

Document your denial

Chances are, the first time your visitation falls through, you’ll be upset but won’t take action. You hope it doesn’t happen again, and sulk away until next time. But, it’s important that you document the denial. You can keep record of calls, messages, or even file a police report. Ultimately, it all depends on what route you decide to take. Doing so will make sure that each parent has received the written details of your denial, but it also tells the court that you’re serious about your visitation rights.

What can the court do?

Ultimately, denial of rights for a non-custodial parent is a contempt of court. So, denying those rights can have some pretty hefty penalties. For the parent who is doing the denying, you are in contempt of court and can face fine, or be put in jail. Other than that, the court can also decide to adjust the custody arrangement accordingly. So, if you deny those rights, you could be giving up your own in the process.

Ultimately, no matter what legal route you take— denying a parent the right to see their child is wrong

If you have a custody agreement set, and the other parent is not putting your child in any danger— there is no reason to deny a parent access to their own child. You are not only breaking the law, but you are doing harm to your child. A child needs both of their parents. Whether they realize or not the importance, you as an adult must be the bigger person. While, at the child’s age, they might not understand— it’s only a matter of time before your child comes to understand what it means to be a parent; to love your child unconditionally. Imagine yourself on the flip side of this scenario— that of being denied time with your child. Seems lonely, doesn’t it?

While legal ramifications should be a consideration, even more so should be the idea of losing custody of your child.