Sole Legal Custody: Pro’s and Cons

Having sole legal custody of your children is tough work. You’re making the big decisions, provide for your children, and explain it all in the meantime. In short, you’re a super hero. But, if you don’t have to pursue sole legal custody— there are plenty of reasons to consider not going that route. People who typically pursue sole legal custody, don’t have a choice in the matter. Either one parent is not fit, or has some sort of issue that puts the child in danger. So, if you’re not having this issue— we’re here to help. Below, you will find a list of positives, and negatives, of sole legal custody. No one should have to go it alone, so let’s consider your options.

Sole Legal Custody: Pro’s and Cons

Pro: There is no debate when it comes to decision making

If you are having to make a big decision— you don’t have to go back and forth with someone else on it. You know what your child needs, so— in the case of sole legal custody— you’re the decision maker, through and through.

Pro: More consistency

In the event of sole legal custody, your child has a higher level of consistency. No shuffling back and forth, no range in rules and input— you are the one steering the ship. This is especially important in the event of one ‘unfit’ parent. You’re in charge of providing a consistent, healthy environment.

Con: It’s all on you

While having the ability to make all the decisions on your own, sometimes you don’t want to have to be that person. You have a big job on your hands, and you didn’t go into this thinking that’s how it would be. So, it can be trying and tough for that one parent carrying all of the weight. You bear the responsibility of making the decisions, but also of dealing with the repercussions. If you don’t have to do so, another agreement is worth considering.

Ultimately, sole legal custody should be reserved for extreme cases. Having all the control might feel like a victory, but when it’s all said and done— that’s a lot to handle. So, take your time with the decision. Try to put yourself in the other parents shoes if they’re capable of providing and being a parent to the child. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to all rest on your shoulders.