The Benefits of Being A Single Parent

When you hear from a single parent, you almost always hear about the tough stuff. From settling a new home, to having the weight of the family on your shoulders— sometimes it seems that single parenting is all work and no reward. But, that’s not true at all! While keeping your family together was always the plan, it didn’t quite go that way. But, now, you have a whole new chance to make the best of it and get closer to your kids. There are plenty of benefits to being a single parent, so we’re gonna help you look at the bright side.

The Benefits of Being a Single Parent: The Good Things No One Tells You About
You create your own rules without debate

While when it comes to co-parenting, some rules should remain uniform— you also have the luxury of creating your own regimens as well. From when electronics are allowed, to reading before bed every night— what you say, goes. No debate, no parental compromise. What you say, goes and there’s no going back and forth. This is a luxury most people overlook in spite of all the changes. But, come on, what parent has argued with the other over too much time spent in front of the TV?

Your relationship with your children has the opportunity to deepen and become more honest

The illusion of a perfect, idyllic family life has come and gone. But, that is not to say you can’t still be a fantastic single parent to your children. Your marriage is over, sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still teach your children a thing or two about it. Obviously before you discuss the separation or the emotions existing within it, you and your spouse should establish ground rules. From what to discuss, to no-fly zones, it is important to do this respectfully. But, you and your children have the opportunity to explore these feelings together and get closer in the process. What you’ve gone through together is unique, and your bond will grow if you can communicate with each other respectfully.

You finally get some of that beautiful, illusive alone time

The first few weekends will be tough, there’s no doubt about that. But, after you get through the growing pains— you’ll start to enjoy them a little bit. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about enjoying your time alone. Most parents would kill for it, and are probably talking down to you out of jealousy. Make the most of that time alone, in any way that you want to. Wanna spend an entire Saturday with chick flicks and a blanket on the couch? Go for it. This time is for you, and it is healing. Quite honestly, it might make you a more patient parent.

You’re a role model for independence

While you might feel as if you’re stumbling through this new stage in life— you’re doing a great job!! You’ve established a home, a regimen, and a way of life for yourself. You’re awesome, and you’re an awesome role model of what independence looks like. It is important to instill good values in your children, and one of the best ones is that of self-sufficiency. Teaching them to be strong on their own, to do for themselves, and provide for their own livelihood is the best lesson you could ever teach your children.

While you might harbor some guilt over the divorce they were involved in, you’re now showing them what it looks like to rise from the ashes on your own. Be proud of that, teach your children to be proud of that. You’re doing a good job, mom/dad.