New Parent Problems: Tips for Your New Journey

Being a new parent is exciting, educational, and also, terrifying. You went from worrying about getting enough cheese sticks, and what to paint the nursery— to figuring out why your baby is screaming, and why you’ll never sleep again. The learning experience is pretty hands on, and I’m sure you’ll make a lot of late night calls to your doctor or visits to Google.

Parenting is a rewarding, scary, hilarious journey on your first time by. So we’re going to try and make it a little easier. Following, you’ll find a quick list of tips we hope will help you weather the storm. Every new parent, and their journey, is different. And these tips might be successful for you— or they might not be. It’s all up to your baby.

New Parent Problems: Tips for Your New Journey
Take care of your own health as well

Your newborn needs it’s parents. So, take a little time for self-care. There are two parents, and I’m sure a few lingering relatives— take advantage. By this, I mean take a shower, bath, drink some water, and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Falling asleep while nursing is extremely dangerous. Make sure you’re feeling alright too. Your health is just as important as the health of your baby.

Make a schedule with your partner

As we’ve said, there are two of you. Take turns waking up with baby. Those first few days are probably going to be primarily mama because of the breastfeeding. But, pumping so that dad can wake up with the baby in the night too— will be a lifesaver for both of you. Now, more than ever, a group effort is essential. Make a schedule, whether it’s every other night, or every other time baby wakes up— implement a system and stick with it. You’re both gonna be tired, but a little less than one of you would be if all the work is falling on you.

Accept help

Right after a baby, you’re the most popular person you’ll know. People will want to cook you meals, clean your home, hold baby while you take a nap, and so on. We’re here to tell you: take the help while it lasts. After a few weeks or months, the newness will wear off and inevitably— you’ll end up in that period where most people forget to reach out. So, make the most of your rockstar days and let anyone (you’re comfortable with) who wants to help— help.

Crying is normal

Your baby is gonna cry sometimes. And it might feel like they’ll never stop, but they will. Letting them cry and learn how to soothe themselves, and also just take the time to catch up on Real Housewives, is okay. You’re not a bad parent, your baby isn’t going to hate you forever— eventually they will stop. Just check in from time to time, make sure they’re still in the position you left them in— and let it ride. No matter how hard it may feel, you’ll likely be better off in the end.