Divorce Privacy: Protecting Yours

Divorce is something which is very personal. As a result, you may want to preserve your divorce privacy as best as you can. After all, gossip in the workplace or around others can be hard to deal with. There’s a few things you can try to help preserve your privacy…

Divorce Privacy: Protecting Yours

Watch what you share

One good way to protect your divorce privacy is to limit what you post on social media. These days, we’re pretty used to posting whatever and whenever on our accounts. However, during a divorce, that can be a bit of a bad idea for a couple reasons.

For starters, things that you share could come back to hurt you during the divorce, especially if they’re negative and about your ex. Plus, it also can cause others to try and pry into your personal life. It’s a better idea to try and give social media a break during this time.

Talk to those you trust

Another way to protect your divorce privacy is by watching what you say to others. Your friends and family are going to be an important part of your support system. Still, some people might be a bit more loose with information than others. That means they could end up sharing things you tell them with others who you don’t want to talk to.

For those more-important details, try to only talk to those you know you can trust. These are the people who understand you don’t want others to know about your divorce or how it’s going. That way, you cut down on potential gossip spreading around.

Change your passwords

It’s also a good idea to change your passwords as part of protecting your divorce privacy. Many couples will share accounts with each others, or give each other passwords for their own accounts. While this might’ve been fine before, now it can potentially compromise your privacy.

Therefore, try and go through your accounts and change up your passwords. Give priority to those very-important accounts, like bank accounts. The last thing you want is a vindictive ex getting access and giving you a headache.