Gaining More Quality Time as a Non-Custodial Parent 

Being a non-custodial parent is tough, and you often feel shorted on quality time spent with your kids. You’ve probably spent quite a bit of time racking your brain for solutions to your lack of time problem. You miss them, they’re growing up, and you want to be a part of it all. Well, the good news is that you can! just because you aren’t the primary custody holder doesn’t mean that you have to be absent from day to day life, you just have to get a little bit crafty…

Gaining More Quality Time as a Non-Custodial Parent

Coach your kids sports team!

One of the best ways to get more involved, is by coaching your kids sports teams! You get extra time spent every week, you get to help them grow as a person and athlete, and teach them lessons your mother/father taught to you. being a coach is an awesome way to increase your quality time, because it adds to value to their character and will help you both feel closer to each other. Not to mention, if you ever struggle with finding something to talk about— you just gained a whole new topic.

Be a chaperone

if they have field trips, be a chaperone if you can! You get to have a special day with your kid, get out and do something without having to plan, and help out the school at the same time. It shows your kid, and theater parent, a want to be involved as well— which might help your case for more custody time as well. You have to check with the custodial parent, of course, but if they’re on board— go for it!

Go have lunch with them at school

Surprise your kid and go have lunch with them while they’re at school. Obviously, you notify both the other parent, and the teacher before making an appearance. But, this is one way to get a little bit of extra quality time out of your day. Make them a fun meal, bring takeout, or even eat cafeteria food with them… No matter how you go about it, this is a fun way to make the most of a little bit of time spent with your kid.

Offer to be the ‘babysitter’

Let your co-parent know that when it comes to hiring a babysitter… don’t! You can easily take the reigns for an evening, and plus— you’re free. Being the ‘babysitter’ is a great way to help out the other parent, and also get some extra time during the week with your little one.

Ultimately, you have to find your own ways to be there

Every parenting situation and child is different. So, take these suggestions, but also customize them to fit your kid and situation. Quality time can be spent in plenty of ways, so don’t limit yourself! Get creative, have fun with it, but ultimately, just be there for your kid. We wish you luck in getting more quality time with your little babes. They’re sure to appreciate it!