Divorce Boundaries: How To Set Them

Divorce requires you to make a lot of changes. One of those changes comes in regards to your personal boundaries. Setting divorce boundaries can be hard, but well worth it in order to make your divorce process a lot easier…

Divorce Boundaries: How To Set Them

With your ex

Some of the first divorce boundaries you’ll want to set are with your ex. It’s important to ensure that you both figure out what kind of boundaries will make you both feel comfortable. This includes things related to communication, living accommodations, and anything else that might pertain to contact outside of divorce matters. 

For example, maybe you’ll both be comfortable with sharing the house while the divorce goes on. Or, maybe you’d prefer it if you lived separate instead. Either way, it’s important to make these boundaries clear and firm to your spouse so there’s no confusion. 

With your kids

Setting divorce boundaries with your kids can be hard. On the one hand, you certainly want to give them support during this difficult time. Yet, you still have to be their parent and maintain some discipline as well. It’s important to find the right balance that’ll work for you and your kids’ needs. 

This time is good for getting a feel for how you’ll parent after the divorce is over. You’ll have to still be their parent, but you’ll probably be co-parenting with your ex as well. Still, it’s important to be considerate and understand how they’re feeling, and help them with adjusting. 

With friends and family

Divorce boundaries with friends and family might not cross your mind at first. After all, they’re going to be a major source of support for you during this time. However, they might go a little overboard with advice and suggestions, which can get overwhelming very quickly. 

That’s why it’s important to be upfront with your friends and family about your boundaries. Let them know what you’ll be comfortable talking about and sharing. If they keep pushing, remain respectful yet firm about your boundaries, and they should get the hint. If not, then you’ll know not to discuss divorce things with them going forward.