Spring Break Planning for Single Parents

If this is your first year managing spring break as a single parent, I’m sure you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed. You have a whole week of activities to plan, kids to keep occupied, and still, work to do. So, let’s get to planning. Sure, it’s going to take a bit of work, but with a little effort— and maybe a nice glass of wine, you’ll be set for success in no time.

Spring Break Planning for Single Parents

Step one: Do not panic

You’ve got this! You’re not going to go crazy. You aren’t going to misplace one of the kids. All is well with the world. So, let’s start there, and now that we’ve covered it— on to step two.

Step two: Plan for this ahead of time

When you and Mom/Dad planned out your co-parenting schedule, spring break was (hopefully) included. So, you at least have the groundwork set for what days you’ve got. If you can, or want, to take off from work for a few days— this might be a good time to do it. You’ll have plenty of quality time with the kiddos. So, pack your days! Water park, hikes, camp outs in the backyard, picnics— have some fun with it. But, make sure to actually craft a plan so you aren’t having to run around last minute.

Step three: But, remember to be reasonable with your plans

Make sure to take into account that this is likely the first time you’re doing this on your own. Don’t be too ambitious with your plans. An example of that might be something like, planning a trip to Hawaii with two kids on your own. You’ll have to pack luggage, print plane tickets, make the boarding time… the list goes on and on. That’s a lot to handle all on your own. Don’t put yourself through so much stress just to make your kids feel better about the divorce. You guys can have just as much fun doing movies and camp outs in the living room. Don’t stretch yourself too thin!!

Step four: Lastly, remember to enjoy the time

I know it’s stressful; you have a lot to handle. But, when it all feels like too much, take a second, cool off, and remember what you’re doing. You’re spending quality time with your kids. You’re making memories, you’re enjoying yourselves as a family. It can be tough, especially  this first year after a separation. You’re facing a lot of changes, but your family isn’t one of them. Embrace the time, ride it out, and pour yourself a glass of wine on that first day back to school. You earned it.