Successful Divorce: Successfully Separating Your Heart and Mind 

There’s no easy path to take emotionally during a divorce. Sure, you have options when it comes to mediation, collaboration, and custody. But when it comes to your heart? There’s not too much bargaining to be done there. So, we’re going to help. Getting a successful divorce doesn’t just mean hitting all the marks on proceedings. Instead, it means healing emotionally, getting things done, and coming out on the other side of this just a little bit lighter. A divorce will undoubtedly be tough, but you can make the better of it in a few ways…

Successful Divorce: Successfully Separating Your Heart and Mind


Before you start healing emotionally, you need to assess the situation. What do you want from your divorce? Both emotionally, and in terms of finances and assets. You’ll need to tackle these two things in tandem, but separately. Letting your emotions cloud the proceedings, and let you make spiteful decisions— can only make matters worse, and prolong the process.

Gather Information

Next up, gather all of your information. Documents, statements, make lists of things you need and things you can part with. Getting this information together as quickly as possible, means you can focus on it less. Pull it all together, organize it, file it, and then get back to you. The sooner you handle the technical stuff, the sooner you can stop focusing on it.

Educate Yourself

The more you know, the more your mind can be at ease. Well, at least when it comes to divorce. For starters, become familiar with the process of divorce. What steps do you have to take first? Where can an attorney take over? And what do I need to watch out for and avoid? Once you have an attorney, they will explain things in further detail, but it’s good to have a foundation on your own. Then, you can ask more informed questions and get through the process more quickly because you took the time to do the research.

Pick Your Team

Decide what and who you need. Whether that be a therapist, a financial advisor, a family specialist, a custody lawyer… decide what you need and begin to put it together. You can address both physical and psychological needs at the same time here. Discover who you need in your corner on this, and rally those troops. Having every resource, even family, set in stone can really ease your mind.

Form A Plan

Think over logistics, form a plan, write things down. If you have questions? Ask them. That’s what your attorney is for, among other things. Understand that you don’t have to go at this alone, and the more planning you do— the less you have to worry about as it gets rolling. A successful divorce requires planning, and adaptability. We wish you luck as you move forward, offer our condolences at this difficult time, and offer our services if you might need them.