Work Motivation: Keep Yourself Going

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and drained when going through a divorce. This stress makes it easy to lose your focus and motivation, especially at work. However, while it might feel impossible, you can still keep that work motivation. That way, you can handle your divorce while still performing quality work…

Work Motivation: Keep Yourself Going

Divorce’s impact

It’s very easy to see why a divorce can hurt your work motivation. A divorce involves having to take care of a lot of different things. This can be getting documents together, going to mediation or court, and getting money together for any expenses. This only gets more complicated if your divorce isn’t going all that smoothly. 

There’s also a personal aspect which can hurt your motivation. While divorce is more common and accepted these days, sadly some people still stigmatize it. This could make you worried about other co-workers spreading gossip. An unpleasant workplace is sure to sap anyone’s motivation. 

Tackle it head-on

If you’re going through a divorce and want to keep your work motivation, it helps to not dance around the issue. Instead of worrying about what your employer might think, the best thing is to tell them upfront about what’s going on. If your honest about what you’re dealing with, then odds are they’ll be able to help you out. This could mean being flexible if you have to miss a day for court, or anything else that’ll help you out. 

Remember that you won’t want to make any rash decisions during this time. Sometimes, the stress and worry makes people leave their jobs. However, this can seriously come back to bite you later on. It’s better to always think things through and talk to your employer before making any decisions like that. 

Don’t forget yourself

While it’s helpful to keep your work motivation, remember that it’s okay to take a break every now and again. You’ll burn yourself out if you don’t, and your work and divorce will both be effected. Take a day for yourself if you have to, just to relax and calm down. Also, don’t overload yourself with work either. Only take on the tasks you know you can do and that won’t overwhelm you.