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When one party receives an alimony award, the other party can appeal. Usually, the appeal is because one party feels that the other side doesn’t need any extra money to live. So how does a court handle such a dispute? Sweeney v. Sweeney is a SC case where a court reviews an award of alimony to the wife.

alimony awardAlimony Award and Appeals

Since getting married in 1984, husband worked for a construction firm, and wife was a teacher. Consequently, the couple did well and collect a lot of marital assets. In addition, the two had three children. As a result, the wife did not return to work after their third child was born in 1995. Subsequently, after twenty-eight years of marriage, husband asked for a no-fault divorce. However, wife countered for a divorce based on adultery. Over two years later, the court granted divorce based on husband’s adultery. Furthermore, the judge ordered an alimony award of five thousand dollars per month in periodic permanent alimony. Therefore, husband appealed. Although husband argued the family court miscalculated wife’s income and monthly expenses, the court of appeals affirmed. Rather, it found the family court properly considered the factors. In addition, the court found sufficient evidence to support the alimony award.

Appealing an Alimony Award

If you feel that your ex-partner should not receive alimony, you can appeal. But make sure you have a good lawyer to guide you through the appeal process. Rather than try this on your own, hire an experienced Fort Mill family lawyer to fight for you in court. Otherwise, the court process can be intimidating and daunting. So let us take your worry and anxiety away and do our job. After all, this is what we do. While we can’t guarantee any particular result, we can promise our best efforts and hard work on your behalf. Call now for answers and sleep better tonight.