How to Be Polite with an Ex After Divorce

It can be nearly impossible to be polite with an ex after divorce. Tensions are running high and there might be a lot of hurt feelings and resentment there. However, if you co-parent with them, you’ll need to figure out how to be cordial at least. Get in the right headspace before you see them and prepare yourself mentally. Have a plan before you go and stay on topic – don’t let them sidetrack you. Keep it short and sweet, the sooner you can get away the less chance of a blowup. And finally, if you are stressing about seeing them, bring a friend with you. They are less likely to create a scene if there is somebody there to watch. Hopefully, you and your ex can figure out how to co-exist in the same space. Often it just takes a little time and distance so that you both can heal from the divorce a bit.

How to Be Polite with an Ex After Divorce: Keeping Your Cool

Get in the Right Headspace

If you want to be polite with an ex, set yourself up for success. Prepare mentally before you’re going to see them. Try to listen to calming music or meet in a place that makes you feel relaxed. Don’t try to meet with them on a day when you’re already stressed. And try to allow time for the meeting so that you aren’t rushed as that can ramp up your anxiety.

Have a Plan

It’s easier to be polite with an ex if you just stay on topic. Prepare whatever you need to discuss with them ahead of time. You can even send them a quick text before your meeting outlining the things you two need to talk about. Don’t let them sidetrack you or stray off-topic. You’re more likely to get into an emotional situation if you let them take you off on a tangent.

Keep it Short

Keep it short and sweet if you’re wanting to be polite with an ex. The less time you’re around them, the less time you have to get into an argument. Get in and get out. Make plenty of time for them so that you don’t seem rushed, but try to wrap up the conversation as quickly as you can.

Bring a Friend

Finally, if you are worried that you won’t be able to be polite with an ex after your divorce, bring a friend for support. They and you will be less likely to get into an emotional confrontation if there’s somebody there to watch it all. You might not always need to bring back-up, but it can be helpful for the first few times you meet with them.

It’s difficult (and nearly impossible sometimes) to be polite with an ex after a divorce. There is usually a lot of bad blood between you. However, there are likely things that you’ll need to discuss with them eventually. And if you’re co-parenting, you’ll be coordinating with them for years to come. So it’s important to figure out how to maintain some friendliness. Get yourself in the right mentality ahead of time by starting from a calm place. Make a list of the things you need to discuss and prioritize those. Be quick and stay on point so that you don’t stray into emotional waters. And finally, if you are stressed, then bring a friend with you for some support. Hopefully, you and your ex will learn to co-exist peacefully so that running into them is not an emotional or stressful situation in the future.