Keeping Positive Thoughts

Keeping positive thoughts at the forefront of your mind after a divorce could sound like the most difficult task after signing the final papers. But, remember that it is beneficial to you and others to maintain a positive outlook. If you have difficulties conveying this outlook to others, here are some tips for showing others optimism during a trying time. 

Keeping Positive Thoughts: Emotional Impact of Divorce

Compliment Others

Handing out a compliment a few times per day will help in keeping positive thoughts flowing. By telling a stranger you like their blouse or a coworker that his new shoes are awesome, you’ll see their face light up. These compliments may initially make only them feel better, but eventually they will begin to bring you joy, as well. This is important so you remember the good in the world, even if your world is a little dull.

Work on Others, Work on Yourself

The reality is, friends and acquaintances will not support you if you do not support them. Therefore, it’s important to lift others up and begin keeping positive thoughts in the front of their minds. By showing others that you care about them, they will understand that your friendship or relationship is not just coming from one side. Encourage them, support them, and be there for them, and they will do the same for you.


By listening to others, you can greatly improve your relationship with them. Listen to their thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and dreams. Keeping positive thoughts about the present also includes keeping them about the future, as well. It’s important that you and your friends listen, as you can learn things about them and the world you might not know otherwise. You can start doing this by asking others their thoughts, without giving your opinions first.

Keeping positive thoughts in the forefront of your mind is a lifestyle change. Not only will you begin to reap the benefits of your positivity, but others will too. Ultimately, thinking positively makes it easier to understand your current situation and handle the emotions you are feeling with more ease. There’s usually a bright side to every situation, you just have to find it!