Finding Support Post-Divorce

As long as there is marriage, there will be divorce. No one is safe from divorce, and no marriage is divorce-proof. It’s important to understand that no one has to go through divorce alone. If you are facing divorce or you and your partner are considering it, know that finding support for yourself is important and a key ingredient to getting through this. Support can be found in odd places.

Finding Support: Support Systems Post-Divorce


In some cases, family is the last people you want in your business. While this is understandable, know that family (siblings, cousins, parents) know you best. They know your quirks and ticks, but most importantly: they understand you. This understanding will go a long way in finding support within these family members. 


Some friends will know both you and your partner, so they will have a neutral viewpoint on the situation. Sometimes, hearing an outsider’s views or thoughts will put things in a new perspective for you. Finding support within your friends will aid in maintaining your lifestyle after a divorce.

Support Groups

Support groups might sound cheesy. They might seem full of coffee and doughnuts and people who just don’t get you. However, support groups are a great place for finding support. In many cases, people in support groups are just like you. Afraid, confused, and full of emotions. Allowing yourself to open up to people in support groups will help you understand you are not alone.

Professional Help

Sometimes, a friend isn’t what you need. In certain cases, you might consider seeking the help of a therapist or psychiatrist. It might be difficult to ask for help, and these professionals understand that. Finding support within a professional setting will make sure you are doing what’s best mentally and emotionally for you and your family.

Additionally, keep in mind that while most people want to help naturally, others are nothing more than curious. Know that you should not share all aspects of your divorce with just anyone.

Lastly, finding support can come easy, just make sure you are finding it within the right people.