Intimacy During Divorce: The Implications

As you go through a divorce, it is not uncommon to begin exploring what else is out there. But, what you might now know is that, the implications of intimacy during divorce proceedings can have legal, as well as emotional repercussions depending on who you’re being intimate with and at what time. Understanding the consequences is very important to making the conscious decision whether to go forth, or abstain, from intimate acts until your divorce is finalized.

Intimacy during Divorce Proceedings: The Implications of Sexual Relations

Whether you’re considering relations with your almost-former spouse, or with someone completely new— there are a few things to keep in mind before you go forth. When it comes to a separated spouse, the emotional implications are much higher. When it comes to a new partner? The legal implications should definitely be a factor.

Intimacy With Your Separated Spouse

As we said, the emotional implications are much higher here. For instance, if you have children and they are aware of your divorce, it can be incredibly confusing to see dad or mom leaving the house early in the morning. you can imagine where their minds might go: mom and dad are getting back together, all of this is over, and so on. In short, it can give them (and you or your spouse) false hope about what’s to come.

It is also extremely confusing to one or both spouses. When you’re doing something so personal together, during a time that is so raw for you both, can cause a lot of problems. Often, at least one of the two spouses will become emotionally invested once again. The thing about divorce is that more often than not, they are not mutual. Usually, one person is coming to the other and saying “I want a divorce.” The other person is usually feeling at least some confusion and a multitude of feelings.

When you begin sleeping together again, it can cloud the way in which you proceed.

Lastly, when it comes to making decisions about how to proceed after you’ve been intimate, there is no easy way. Now that you are reengaged, the decisions you make are bound to be more emotional and cloudy. Especially if you in particular, are not feeling right about how you’ve left things. In short, having sexual relations with your to-be former spouse can cause a number of problems for you personally. Not to mention, your family, and your proceedings.

When it comes to intimacy with someone new, there are a lot of different things to figure out. From legal proceedings, to emotional decisions— there is a lot at stake. Find out more about it here.