Court Behavior: What To Avoid

How you dress in court is very important. Still, just as important is how you act when you’re there. Your court behavior will have a lot of influence on how smoothly things go for you. Therefore, there’s a few things in particular you want to avoid doing…

Court Behavior: What To Avoid

Being late

Being on time is an important part of your court behavior. Basically, it shows that this is something you’re taking seriously. Being late, even by a little bit, can leave you starting off on the wrong foot. In court, that’s something you want to avoid as best you can.

Therefore, don’t just try to show up on time. Try to make it a little bit earlier instead. That way, you give yourself a buffer in case there’s bad traffic on the drive to the courthouse. Plus, that also gives you time to double-check everything and make sure you have what you need before you leave.


One of the worst things you can do in the courtroom is appear to be distracted. If the judge feels like you’re not paying attention, they might think this doesn’t matter to you. That can really shape their impression of you for the rest of the proceedings. As a result, you need to be attentive as part of good court behavior.

Keep your focus on the judge and what they ask of you. It’s also especially important to keep your phone off and away. Being caught on your phone, or even having it go off, can be pretty disrespectful. Don’t take the risk, and keep it out of sight and silent.

Being rude

Rude behavior is a sure-fire way to hurt your chances in court. For starters, it serves to make you look bad to the judge. Also, it can cause the judge to question either your motives, or if you deserve something like child custody. Rudeness just hurts nobody but yourself in the courtroom.

Therefore, always be sure to be polite and respectful. Don’t call names or make backtalk to either the judge, or your spouse. Be sure to watch your emotions as well. You want to come off as someone who is cool, confident, and collected to the judge.