Relocating Post-Divorce

In certain situations, couples and families move away from extended family for better opportunities. When life happens, your support system is still there, they are just further away. It’s common for the parent with full or majority custody to consider relocating post-divorce. Of course, if custody is split 50/50 and the other parent has no interest in moving, this might not be an option for you. If you have the ability to, relocating might be a good move for you, literally.

Relocating Post-Divorce: Benefits of Starting Fresh 

Why should you relocate?

Relocation is a fresh start. It can be invigorating to start over, to be in a new place. If your brothers and sisters or other family are close by, relocating post-divorce also offers some security. You’ll be near people you trust and can rely on. A new place will force you to get out of your routine. This will not only create a new routine, but leave little time to dwell on any negative emotions you might have.

Why shouldn’t you relocate?

While there’s definitely some positives of relocating, there are also negatives. Relocating post-divorce can turn your children’s life totally upside down. Not only are they having to understand life with divorced parents, they will also have to get used to a new school. New school, new friends, new sports teams, the list goes on. Relocating can be difficult for some children who struggle to make new friends. It can also be difficult for children who have had the same friends their entire lives.

After you relocate, keep in mind…

Allow yourself and your children time to adjust. Remember that nothing happens over night. Some children will feel stress from being a further distance from the other parent. As long as there is a legal right to relocate, remind them (and sometimes, yourself) that this is a good thing for your family. Relocating post-divorce is a step forward in the right direction. This is an opportunity to create new memories in a new home. Another idea is to allow your children to be involved in their new bedroom decor. This will get them excitedabout their new home.

To conclude: relocating post-divorce is a fresh start. It might be difficult to be approved for relocation. You should always consult legal help before making any distant moves with your family after a divorce.