Unhealthy Marriage: Notable Signs

Many couples will get a divorce because they feel that they’re in an unhealthy marriage. However, some spouses aren’t sure of how they can tell when their problems have reached an unhealthy stage. Knowing some of the most-common signs can help you figure out if your marriage has taken a more negative and toxic turn…

Unhealthy Marriage: What To Look For

You’re no longer friends

In a healthy marriage, a couple will be good friends with each other. They’ll enjoy spending time together and can have fun just like they would with other friends. In an unhealthy marriage, you may find that you and your spouse aren’t the friends that you were before.

Instead, you may spend less and less time around one another. When you do hang out, you may feel awkward or even stressed out. Instead, you’d rather look for excuses as to why you can’t do things together. At this point, you can tell your marriage isn’t as strong as it should be.

You can’t compromise

It’s also important for any couple to be able to compromise. There’s going to be times where you and your spouse disagree. In these situations, you should try and work towards a compromise. Meeting in the middle will help you reach a solution which’ll work for the both of you.

With an unhealthy marriage, you may find it hard to compromise anymore. Rather, you’ll fight more often, potentially over pretty trivial matters. This can mean you and your partner don’t respect each other anymore, which is hard to recover from.

You feel “trapped”

Ideally, your marriage should make you feel happy and fulfilled. You’re excited about reaching future goals with your spouse by your side. In turn, you also help support your spouse with their goals, and achieve this growth together over time.

An unhealthy marriage will instead leave you feeling “trapped” and stuck in place. Now, you feel like your spouse doesn’t support what you want to do. In fact, you may not even envision them as part of your future plans anymore. If you feel like your marriage isn’t letting you live the life you want, then it may be because it isn’t healthy anymore.