Staying Friends Post-Divorce: Being Friendly After the Fact

The general sentiment for most when they separate from their spouse, is wanting distance from them. They hurt your feelings, you’ve just been through a huge ordeal, and as of now, you want nothing to do with them. However, this may not be the case. Maybe you want a friendship with your ex. Whether you want it now, or later, staying friends post-divorce is understandable. After all, they’ve been your best friend for a long time now… So, we’re here to help you maintain that relationship. Below, you’ll find a few tips for staying friendly in the long run…

Staying Friends Post-Divorce: Being Friendly After the Fact

Don’t avoid your memories just to avoid the divorce

Starting fresh has a certain appeal to it— especially in your scenario. So, it might feel like the logical thing to do to just ignore the milestones, hardships, achievements, and so forth, as a means of creating an easy-going friendship. Instead of denying those memories, embrace them in a new way. You and your now ex, and new friend, have a lot of history. Sure, a divorce isn’t exactly the kind of thing you want to re-hash. So, don’t. However, don’t use avoiding that topic as a means of avoiding everything else. Think of your ex as a good friend with lots of history, and nothing more. Staying friends post-divorce means you have to embrace the weird until you two find your sweet spot.

Give your old relationship time to settle before you work on a new one

Just like with any other relationship, staying friends post-divorce means taking some time to process and let it develop. Give your relationship time to settle; time to find a new groove, and then together, find your friendship. Often, we expect that both of us should be able to transition quickly. However, there will inevitably be some growing pains. After all, your marriage failed. This is not an easy, or quick, thing to move past. Heal your wounds, then begin to accept each other as friends instead of partners.

Don’t rehash or revisit old marital issues

Now is not the time to bring up old wounds and try to do something about them. Your marriage is over, so let it be over. If you and your ex choose to remain friends post-divorce, you must agree to let these things go. You’ve moved into a new period; a new relationship. This new relationship is not built to give you closure for the old one, or to solve old issues. It is something new entirely, and continuing to relive old mistakes, will only prevent this relationship from becoming beneficial to you both.

You two are choosing to re-invent and grow as friends

If you and your ex decide that staying friends post-divorce is something you can do, we commend you. This isn’t an easy decision to make, as many see their ex-spouse as a reminder of bad versus good. However, it’s a noble one, and it can be really great for the both of you. No one knows you better than your spouse, and losing that can be gutting. So, reinvent in the way that you see fit. This relationship, just like your marriage, does not have to satisfy anyone but you. So, have fun, explore your options, and create friendships where you see fit.