Difficult In-Laws

Meeting your partner’s parents is a big step in a relationship. For one, it’s nerve-wracking because you’re not sure if they’ll like you or not. Even if you try your best, it may not work out how you want. Sadly, having to deal with difficult in-laws can be an upsetting thing to go through. However, you can’t really get around it-you can just deal with it until it gets better. It can be hard, though, if you don’t know how to go about this situation. Hopefully, if you keep some things in mind, you’ll get some peace in mind.

Difficult In-Laws: Standing Your Ground


Unfortunately, knowing whether or not your in-laws like you can be unclear sometimes. First, make sure you talk with your partner! Let them knowyour concerns. Do the parents like you? If not, what could possibly be the reason for it? Additionally, what can be done to make it better? Letting your partner know where you are mentally and emotionally can help out significantly. If difficult in-laws are the problem, it’s almost impossible to go through it alone. If so, it can create a lot of strain.

Set Boundaries

Most everyone’s parents feel as though they are entitled to most facets of their kids lives. That’s true to a certain extent. However, when their child gets old enough, there may come a time where boundaries need to be set. This is especially the case with difficult in-laws. First, try to get some type of idea where and how you would like these boundaries set. For example, are in-laws barred from certain events? What are they allowed to comment on? Discuss what you want out of this. Then, you and your partner can talk about how to enforce your boundaries. Hopefully, your in-laws will take your boundaries seriously. That way, your relationship with them has the opportunity to improve.

Stand Your Ground

Standing your ground in any situation can be hard. For one, you don’t want to rock the boat. However, rocking the boat is necessary sometimes. Dealing with difficult in-laws can be one of those times! Of course, you can always shake the boat respectfully. Know what ways you’re going to enforce your boundaries. Additionally, if you’re nervous, rehearse if you have to. However, standing your ground could help better your relationship with your in-laws eventually.

Dealing with difficult in-laws can be a complicated situation. There are many reasons why they may be difficult. For one, they may not like you how you hoped they would. Or, they can just be a little too involved. No matter the reason, dealing with difficult in-laws is a necessity. Communication is always key so make sure you’re doing that with your partner. After all of your concerns are out in the open, try to set a game plan for setting boundaries. Additionally, once you’ve made your boundaries, make sure to set them and stand your ground. That way, everyone involved can have a better relationship with each other.