Moving Day: Get Yourself Ready

Deciding to move after your divorce isn’t always an easy choice to make. However, if you are moving, then it’s important to prepare for moving day properly. Getting yourself prepared will help your move go off much more smoothly than it would otherwise…

Moving Day: Get Yourself Ready

Declutter while packing

In general, it’s a good idea to do some decluttering before your moving day. A common issue people run into is that they’ll pack and move everything they have, only to realize they have a bunch of stuff they don’t really need. This causes their overall moving cost to be way more expensive than it should have been.

Therefore, it’s useful to do some decluttering while you’re packing for the move. As you go through your belongings, this is a perfect time to ask “do I really need this?” That way, you only bring along what you really need. Plus, you might be able to make a little bit of extra cash selling off those extra items!

Choose movers carefully

When moving day arrives, you’re probably going to need some extra help with getting your things to your new place. Still, you don’t want your stuff to get damaged. That’s why you should pick your extra help carefully. Most people will either choose a professional mover company, or ask their friends.

If you want to use a moving company, be sure to check for reviews. One place might be cheaper than the others, but it could have terrible reviews with tons of complaints. As for using friends, make sure to ask them ahead of time, and not right before the move. It also helps to offer them something like paid lunch for helping out!

Properly pack

Proper packing makes moving day go a whole lot easier than it would otherwise. When packing on your own, it helps to do it with some structure. Go into each room one a time and pack up what you need. That way, you won’t have a bunch of boxes filled with random things from all across the home.

If you hate packing, or just don’t have the time, then many moving companies offer to do so for you. Of course, this tends to come with some extra fees. However, these companies do tend to use stronger boxes, which can ensure your stuff stays better protected.

Moving Post-Divorce: Make It Easier

The time after your divorce might be one full of change. One of the most common changes involves moving post-divorce. However, moves can be a bit tricky to pull off, especially after all that’s happened. That’s why there’s a few areas in particular you want to focus on…

Moving Post-Divorce: Make It Easier

Do some decluttering

Having just too much stuff is a common issue people who plan on moving post-divorce run into. It’s no surprise that the more things you have to move, the harder it’ll be to get it all taken care of. This can especially be a problem if you’re using a moving company, as they may charge you quite a bit to move all those things.

Therefore, it helps to do some decluttering. Use this time to get rid of things you don’t need or want any more. This is especially true for things related to your marriage that you want to get rid of. You can sell these things to get a bit of extra cash, or donate them so others can make use of them.

Don’t forget to clean

Not everyone really enjoys constantly cleaning up around their homes. As a result, you can imagine that those moving post-divorce into a new home especially don’t want to. Cleaning, when it feels like a near-constant occurrence, can cause a lot of stress and frustration. Still, it doesn’t have to be such a pain for you.

One way to make cleaning easier is by setting up a schedule. Pick certain spots of the house to clean each day instead of doing it all at once. That way, it won’t feel so overwhelming. Doing your cleaning this way can help keep you relaxed and your new home looking nice and tidy.

Make it your own

The trickiest aspect of moving post-divorce is making your new home feel like it’s really “your” home. After all, you might’ve just moved from a place you’ve lived at for years. Trying to make a brand new place feel the same can seem like an impossible task at first.

However, you now have the ability to really make your new home into what you want. You won’t have to worry about compromising on room designs and decorations. Take advantage of this and set your house up according to your taste, and soon it’ll feel like it should.