Post-Divorce Counselor: Find Your Fit

Seeking out therapy during your divorce can be very beneficial. However, you might also want to consider making use of a post-divorce counselor. Finding the right one for you can seem like a challenge. Still, there are some ways to find one which will work with you the best…

Post-Divorce Counselor: Find Your Fit

Consider their perspectives

The thing about counseling and therapy is that there’s actually many different methods out there. Different counselors might use different styles. Some of these styles might appeal to you more than others. Therefore, consider what methods a post-divorce counselor makes use of.

For instance, some will work on changing your thoughts to help change your actions. Others might ask questions, and help develop a goal for change based on your responses. Depending on which one you feel is best, some counselors might be a better fit than others.

What is their schedule?

You also have to consider accessibility when looking for a post-divorce counselor. Availability can vary from one counselor to the next. Combine this with fitting them around a work schedule, and it’s important to see which ones would work the best for when you’re free.

Still, don’t just factor in the days and hours that they’re open alone. Remember to consider things like distance as well. Having to make long drives can be costly gas-wise, and make you not want to constantly go. A more nearby counselor, on the other hand, is easier to stick with.

Do you feel comfortable

The most important thing about a post-divorce counselor is that you feel comfortable with them. Do you feel like they listen to you, and that you get along well with them? If you don’t, you might not get the kind of help from them that you’re expecting. This can make you feel like you’re wasting your time, and your money.

Don’t be afraid to raise these concerns to your counselor. Odds are they’ll do better to help you feel more comfortable with them. However, if you still don’t, there’s nothing wrong with trying out a new counselor. It can feel a bit tedious, but finally finding one who fits makes it all worth it.