Unhealthy Relationship: Know The Signs

Deciding to date again post-divorce can be tricky for some people. This can lead to them getting into an unhealthy relationship and not realizing it. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of these unhealthy relationships. That way, you can avoid them and find one that you deserve…

Unhealthy Relationship: Know The Signs

Things don’t “feel” right

A surefire way to know you’re probably in an unhealthy relationship is if you just don’t feel comfortable. Feeling uncomfortable around your partner signals that there is something wrong with your relationship. This could mean you feel like you can’t be yourself, and have to walk on eggshells when you’re around them.

Ultimately, you could end up feeling unsafe around your partner. This could be because of a fear of rejection from your partner. If your partner constantly shoots down your thoughts and opinions, then they ultimately don’t respect you. When that’s the case, it becomes clear your relationship isn’t all that healthy. 

They Don’t Respect You

Healthy relationships are built upon mutual respect for each partner. However, a unhealthy relationship tips these scales unfavorably. In these relationships, you’re not viewed as an equal, but rather lesser in the eyes of your partner. This can show itself in a number of ways. 

For example, maybe your partner constantly blow you off while expecting you to always be there for them. Or, perhaps they ignore you while expecting constant attention. When these scales become unbalanced, it becomes apparent that your relationship might not be healthy.

They don’t make time for you

Balancing time spent together is an important part of healthy relationships. After all, each person will have their friends or hobbies, and like to spend some time with them. Maybe they just need some time to themselves every now and again. However, while healthy relationships will work out this balance together, unhealthy relationships won’t.

Instead, in an unhealthy relationship, your partner will chose to spend more time away from you than with you. This can show itself even in the little ways, like them never calling or texting you. On the other hand, they might expect you to spend time with them when they ask, and get upset when you can’t. This manipulative behavior is a pretty clear-cut way to know when your relationship isn’t healthy.