Valentine’s Day Post-Divorce

If you’ve just recently divorced, then it might be a while before you try dating again. That means you might wonder how to handle that first Valentine’s Day post-divorce. However, there’s a couple different things you can do for yourself…

Valentine’s Day Post-Divorce

Treat yourself

A lot of people tend to beat themselves up on their first Valentine’s Day post-divorce. They’ll spend the day thinking about when their relationship was good, and that now they won’t or don’t deserve to find something better. Of course, that’s not the kind of mindset you should take on.

Rather, it’s better to spend the day treating yourself and boosting that confidence. One small bump in the road doesn’t dictate the rest of your life. Take the day to relax and enjoy it your way. You’ll begin to feel a whole lot better about yourself, and your future.

Be with the kids

If those feelings of loneliness are really creeping up on you on your first Valentine’s Day post-divorce, then it helps to be with those who love. So who better than your kids? Odds are, your kids might feel a little awkward today as well, considering they’re probably used to seeing you and your ex celebrate.

This is a great time to help reaffirm to your kids how much you love them. Plus, there’s a lot of different ways you can spend the day with them. Spending this day together can strengthen your bond, and help them start to feel “normal” again after the divorce.

Meet up with friends

What if you do if you’re feeling lonely, but don’t have kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day post-divorce with? In this case, it’s time to meet up with some friends. Your friends were probably a major source of support during your divorce. What better way to show your appreciation by spending time with them?

Maybe you and your friends decide to go out and celebrate in your own way. Still, you don’t have to do anything fancy that’ll break the bank. Rather, just getting together can be plenty. All that matters is you enjoy your time together.