Warning Signs that Your Partner is Cheating

If you have been wondering whether or not your spouse has been unfaithful to you, you might be looking for warning signs that your partner is cheating. However, there are plenty of false signals as well. The truth of the matter is that if you suspect your partner is cheating, it’s best to simply ask them. Assuming they’re cheating is never the best course of action because many things can affect behavior besides cheating. However, communication changes or attitude changes can sometimes be a red flag of unfaithfulness. In addition, physical changes can sometimes be as well. And finally, behavioral changes can sometimes be a sign that your partner is cheating. While some of these changes can indicate unfaithfulness, never just assume this is the case. Hopefully, your partner is just making lifestyle changes or reacting to other stressors in their life that you both can work through together.

Warning Signs that Your Partner is Cheating: Red Flags

Communication Changes

Classic warning signs that your partner is cheating are changes in communication. If they are all of a sudden very vague about plans, there might be a reason. Often, partners who are being unfaithful have a hard time carrying on the normal conversation the way they used to. If you feel like you’re being lied to constantly, definitely investigate further. Sometimes, people can become dismissive when they are attempting to cover up an affair. If your partner is communicating with you in a way that is not normal, it may be worth it to ask them if there are any issues you need to discuss.

Attitude Changes

Attitude changes can also sometimes be warning signs that your partner is cheating. If they are suddenly moody or sullen around you it can mean something has changed in your relationship. Of course, this could also indicate any number of other issues like stress at work. However, if they are suddenly negative towards your relationship or critical of you, it could be a red flag. Finally, if they seem confused about themselves it might mean that they are struggling with infidelity.

Physical Changes

Physical changes can obviously be signs of a person just wanting a change in their life. However, it sometimes can also be another of the classic warning signs that your partner is cheating. If they suddenly start dressing differently or getting in shape, it could be that they are trying to impress somebody else. In addition, if they suddenly pick up new hobbies that take up hours of their time, you might consider having a frank conversation with them.

Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes are probably the clearest of the warning signs that your partner is cheating. If they suddenly are gone for long stretches of time or leaving the house at odd hours it can be a red flag. In addition, if they begin locking their phones suddenly or acting strangely private about their computer, you should investigate. Suddenly being on phone calls or texting all day long can be signs of cheating too. Of course changes in your sex life can also be warning signs of infidelity. And finally, if you are noticing odd spending habits, it’s worth a conversation.

While changes in behavior can be warning signs that your partner is cheating, there are always other possible explanations. If you notice changes in their communication, attitude, or appearance there could be any number of reasons that do not involve cheating. Changes in behavior can sometimes be clearer indicators. However, these two could also be a result of factors other than infidelity. The bottom line is that if you suspect your partner is cheating, you need to sit them down for an honest conversation. Hopefully, they are just reacting to stresses at work or outside factors and the two of you can work through them together.