Co-Parenting Depression: Ways To Cope

Adjusting to being a co-parent can cause a lot of stress, and sometimes even depression. Co-parenting depression is a real issue which can get in the way of your shared goals for your child. However, there are ways to cope with these feelings, and eventually push past them…

Co-Parenting Depression: Ways To Cope

Find some common ground

A major source for co-parenting depression is constant arguments. It makes sense that you and your ex may not agree on everything. However, constantly arguing over these matter will just lead to more frustration building up. Ultimately, these arguments don’t do you or your kids any good.

Instead, it’s helpful to first find some common ground. This is especially helpful for house rules. For example, maybe you both agree what time your kids should be asleep at, or when they should do homework. Finding the areas you agree on will make it easier to work on the ones you disagree on.

Improve communication

Poor communication is also another common source of co-parenting depression. For many co-parents, communication breaks down in a few ways ways. A parent might feel out-of-the-loop in regards to what their ex is doing, or always end up arguing with them when they talk.

Neither of these situations are good for you or your kids, so it’s important to improve your communication. Try to always ensure you both have a way of reaching the other, and talk to each other about your plans. If you find you’re always arguing, keep your talks brief, focused, and potentially over text to mitigate the risk of an argument.

Manage your depression

There’s also plenty of ways to manage your co-parenting depression through outside resources. For instance, a therapist can help you identify why you feel how you do, and how you can work on it. Even just talking to friends can help alleviate those feelings.

It also doesn’t hurt to find some things to do when you’re not co-parenting. Hobbies are a great way to burn off some stress and start to feel better again. Plus, if you find one your kids can enjoy, you can bond with them while also getting to do something you all like.